HOME-LEARNING – Nursery through Grade 7


Nursery Grade 2 Grade 6
Dandelion Grade 3 Grade 7
Sunflower Grade 4
Grade 1 Grade 5


Math Practice Exercises for Gr 4 to Gr 7 is available through Beast Academy.

Math – Problems of the Week (Gr 3, Gr 4 & Gr 5)

General Guidelines POW – Gr 3 POW – Gr 4 POW – Gr 5

3×3 Grids


Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7



Morning routine (wake up, get dressed, tasks around self-hygiene from bed-making to brushing teeth, greeting each other and the day, pet chores including a walk with the dog; breakfast and chores around meals)

9:00 Academic work (homework assignments for grades and free play for EC)

10:30 snack, snack chores and recess

11:00 Artistic time , parent-led activities for the young child (assignments in grades, drawing, modeling, cooking, nature observations, instrument practicing)

12:30 Lunch, lunch recess or nap

2:00 Academic work for older children, outside play for younger ones

3: 30 Snack

4:00 Fresh air and movement

5:00 Dinner (all chores around meal prepping, cleaning up) During dinner children can share with you what they learned, experience that day.

Family time


7:00 Bedtime (or starting bed routine, depending on the age of children)

Unplugging for everyone whenever possible.