After School Program
Berkeley Rose currently offers After School programs for nursery through grades until 5:30pm Monday-Friday. Please note that these programs are contingent upon ample enrollment. Please see our faculty page for teacher bios.

You can pick up your child from the Nursery After School Program at any time. The pick up times for kindergarten and grades, from the After School Program are:  3:00pm, 4:15pm and 5:30pm.

Drop-In After School Program
If families need care unexpectedly, aftercare is available on a limited basis subject to available space with the following rules:

  • Parents are requested to sign up through our BigSis portal for approval by 10am on the same day.
  • Your child must be in school on the same day that they attend the After School Program.
  • Your child must be provided with an extra snack and appropriate clothing, particularly on wet-weather days. If your child is in the nursery program, there are additional rest-time items you may wish to provide as well.
  • All children who are not picked up from their school program by 10 minutes past dismissal time will join the After School program and will be charged accordingly.
  • Children in the After School Program who are not picked up at the agreed upon time are charged a $5/min late fee. This fee also applies to short-term schedule adjustments.
  • Children must be at least 3 years of age to participate in the After School Program.

Enrichment program for K through 8th, and subject to availability:
periods of alternate activities (mainly from 3:15 to 4:15) during regular after school care. Such programs may come with a surcharge.  Possibilities: handwork, chamber orchestra, choir, dance, gymnastics, math, hiking …

After School Program Fees

Note:  The monthly options will likely yield significant savings over daily rates, even in cases where children end up being absent on a large number of their scheduled after school days.

After school fees are paid via FACTS. pickup by  ——->   3:00 4:15 5:30
standard daily rates (drop-ins welcome)

1st/2nd are ‘lower’ grades; non-Thurs in red

grades (upper/lower/Thurs) per day:

nursery-kindergarten per day:

$0 $16


$16/19 $27


$29 $36


monthly commitment (save 20% vs daily)

– cancel as of the last day of any month –

cost per month for

each weekday selected:

$0 $46


$46/55 $78


$83 $99


commit to the full school year (save 40%)

– paid monthly, based on 12 payments –

monthly payment for each weekday selected: $0 $28


$28/33 $46


$49 $62


unlimited use flex schedule (save up to 50%)

– paid monthly, based on 12 payments –

monthly for any/all days used:

(commit to full school year)

$295 $295 $295

Bonus: The 12-payment and/or unlimited plans include and cover any aftercare used during camps, when offered.