In order to maintain and promote economic diversity, we have deliberately kept our school and programs accessible to East Bay families who may not otherwise be able to give their children the gift of a Waldorf education, and to encourage families to further support our community according to their means through tax deductible contributions. As a result of this successful model, almost 70% of BRWS families currently receive some form of financial aid.

This school has been built by commitment. The parents who went before us have created an amazing learning environment for our children, and we pay it forward by contributing to the well-being of the school for the families who have yet to discover Berkeley Rose Waldorf School. Your contributions will make the difference!

  • A donation of $1000 supports music education for our grades students.
  • An offering of $500 ensures we can provide targeted mathematics instruction for our upper graders.
  • A gift of $250 nurtures the creation of a new outdoor play space for the nursery classes.
  • A contribution of $100 provides art and craft materials for our kindergarten program.

Please remember that our gifts, no matter the size, demonstrate a gesture of love and support of our unique community. It benefits BRWS greatly to show 100% participation when seeking funds from external entities. So we ask all parents to give generously.