The following videos, articles and audio recordings touch on topics that directly relate to and support the Waldorf curriculum and the student experience.

Featured Videos:

Know Who You Are
Waldorf Alumni share how Waldorf Education prepared them for their careers, created by the Waldorf School of Garden City.

Preparing for Life
Waldorf education in Silicon Valley that is very relevant to us in the East Bay, created by Peninsula Waldorf School.

Thinking, Feeling, Willing: Waldorf education in Nairobi, Kenya that is also a great overview of the gifts of Waldorf.

Celebrating 100 years of Waldorf Education!
Waldorf 100 Films

Featured Article:

Nimble Hands, Warm Hearts, Wise Heads
The Waldorf Way: Handwork at Berkeley Rose Waldorf School, by Natalya Logunova, BRWS Handwork Teacher.

Oct 2019 – Lessons from Germany: Children Climbing Trees
by Leonard Sax M.D., Ph.D.

Fall 2009 – Science in Support of Play: The Case for Play-Based Preschool Programs
by Jeffrey Trawick-Smith

Spring/Summer 2016 – Computer Education in Waldorf Schools
by Charles Weems, PhD, Renewal

April 2016 – Jeff Bridges on KTVU the 9
On performing a benefit for the Berkeley Rose School.

Jan 2016 – Teach Your Children Well: Unhook Them From Technology
by Naomi Schaefer Riley, The Wall Street Journal

Dec 2015 – Teaching the Whole Child: Waldorf Schools and Exemplary Teacher Engagement
by Carol J Carter, The Huffington Post

Oct 2015 – Risk is essential to childhood – as are scrapes, grazes, falls and panic
by Kate Blincoe, The Guardian

Sep 2015 – Sir Ken Robinson Opens Up About Learning
A noted author, educator and cultural critic discusses the benefits of Personalized Education, The Independent School Magazine (NAIS)

Sep 2015 – Empowering Mathematical Minds Through Play
by Pradnya Palet

Jul 2015 – Screen Addiction Is Taking a Toll on Children
by Jane Brody, The New York Times

Jun 2015 – Is the Common Core Killing Kindergarten?
by Chris Berdik, The Boston Globe

May 2015 – Out Of The Classroom And Into The Woods
by Emily Hanford, NPR – All Things Considered

May 2015 – Let the Kids Learn Through Play
by David Kohn, The New York Times

Feb 2015 – Is Your First Grader College Ready?
by Laura Pappano, The New York Times

Jan 2015 – Letting Kids Move In Class Isn’t A Break From Learning. It IS Learning
by Valerie Strauss, The Washington Post

Dec 2013 – Preparing for Life
by Waldorf School of the Peninsula