At Berkeley Rose Waldorf School we are committed to building a strong and supportive community. Join us in cultivating an educational institution that imbues the children with a lifelong love of learning and the ability to navigate and influence their world with integrity and ingenuity.

The Waldorf movement grows as each individual child and school flourishes. Each child, and each school, carries the vision that Waldorf Education has been offering since 1919. This vision has been supported by the involvement of communities all over the world for almost a hundred years.

We are committed to offering a vibrant urban campus that still allows the school to connect children to nature through regularly scheduled outdoor activity, rain or shine.

Our dedication to an “affordable and accessible to all tuition model” opens the door for like-minded families to join and continue to grow with the school.

Our inclusive culture encourages and supports families in the area to establish connections, share common interests in areas of parenting, and access community support.

Together we are figuring out a new rhythm, settling into a version of at-home learning that works for all of us. My children go to two different schools. I was delighted to get the Waldorf work plan and have been sharing with everyone, “Number 5 is- Cook your family dinner and number 7 is- Take a hike!” While so many schools are thoughtfully and lovingly setting up complicated on-line teaching systems, we are reminded at Berkeley Rose of this holistic approach to learning that is so incredibly special. What an anchor this provides, especially in times like this. What a reminder that learning is going on at all these different levels- while preparing and providing food for the family, or studying and drawing a plant day after day after day, while moving one’s body with big confident strides or leaps through the woods, while whittling arrows with a sibling. And yes, there is some math and writing as well.

While this is no doubt an incredibly destabilizing time for all of us, it is also an invitation to slow down and simplify. To settle into a different rhythm. For our children to face sudden change and challenge and build their resiliency muscle. What an incredible gift. — Cory W, Class of 2023 parent