Stefan Klocek – Board President
Stefan is a digital product designer who leads a user experience design team at Google. He’s worked in design and technology for over 15 years, developing an expertise in solving complex design challenges, producing products which are simple and effective for humans to use. He’s designed innovative solutions in the realms of healthcare, tech infrastructure, and finance. Stefan balances his work with hands-on wood craft in his shop, and spending time outdoors with his wife and two children. Stefan went K-12 grade at the Sacramento Waldorf School. He has a son in 1st grade, and a daughter in preschool at Berkeley Rose. or cell 415.999.2600

0Amy Vitarelli – Board Vice President

Amy is a Commercial Insurance Broker by trade and assists with risk management including insurance, human resources and legal matters. Prior to entering the insurance industry in 2002, Amy worked for a national consulting firm and in the technology field for several years, working on domestic and international projects. Amy has Bachelor’s Degrees in Economics and Environmental Studies from Mills College, Oakland. Amy attended the Sacramento Waldorf School for grades 4-12 and has two daughters at the Berkeley Rose Waldorf School.

Masha Kalinowski – Board Treasurer
Picture and Bio to come…

Ann van Zyl – Board Secretary
Ann is originally from South Africa and has found herself in the Bay Area by way of London, a brief stint in the Netherlands and a longer one in New York and the tristate area. She has lectured and taught English literature and language at four universities across two continents – Rhodes University in South Africa, The University of Reading in the UK, The University of Maastricht in the Netherlands and University College London. In New York Ann worked briefly as a development editor of English Language textbooks at Cambridge University Press. Ann is delighted to have discovered Waldorf education and the Berkeley Rose School in particular. In her spare time, if she is not walking among the eucalyptus or redwood trees, she can usually be found adapting a Nigella Lawson recipe or attempting to read a few lines of the Complete Works of Blaise Pascal in French.

Vasilica Hall – Faculty Chair
A native of Romania, Vasilica received her eurythmy diploma from Akademie fur Eurythmische Kunst, in Dornach, Switzerland, followed by a post graduate diploma from the Eurythmy School Spring Valley. From 2001-2007 she taught eurythmy in grades 5-12 at Garden City Waldorf School, Long Island, NY. In the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training, she teaches weekend eurythmy classes in all 3 years. For two years before joining the early childhood program, Vasilica was a substitute teacher for ages 2.9 to 6 at Berkeley Rose, and has completed her education in early childhood development courses. Vasilica is entering her sixth year with Berkeley Rose.


Jessica Prentice – School Director
Jessica graduated from Brown University in 1991, where her studies and work focused on education and social justice, especially for immigrants and refugees. She moved to the Bay Area in 1992 to pursue a career in education, but after earning an emergency credential and teaching in East Oakland she became disaffected with the current state of public schooling and took time off to reconsider her career path. She decided to follow her passion for food and cooking, and graduated from The Natural Gourmet Cookery School in New York City in 1996. For the next four years she served as the chef at the Headlands Center for the Arts, followed by work as the Director of Education for the Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture (CUESA), the non-profit organization that runs the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.
In 2006 Jessica published Full Moon Feast: Food and the Hunger for Connection (Chelsea Green Publishing), a book which mythopoetically explores the connections between the environment, human communities, and traditional cycles through food. That same year, she co-created The Local Foods Wheel and co-founded Three Stone Hearth, a local food business dedicated to sustainability, nourishment, and community. Her work at Three Stone Hearth over the past 12 years has led to a deep interest in organizational development and collaborative leadership.
In 2009 Jessica became a mother, and discovered Waldorf Education when she took parent-child classes at Berkeley Rose. As a parent at the school she has been immensely impressed with the developmental pedagogy Rudolph Steiner introduced, which has led to a deep interest in Anthroposophy. She is very excited to bring her diverse interests and skills to this position, and to continue to serve the community at this wonderful school.

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 7.28.47 PMBonnie Romanow
Bonnie is a consultant in the Early Childhood Mental Health Project and a Parent Educator with Parents Place, Marin. Bonnie has taken many courses and workshops in Waldorf , she has been an early childhood teacher, preschool director, and founding member of the Great Oaks School in the Chicago area. Upon moving to California, Bonnie taught parent-tot at Summerfield and Marin Waldorf schools. Her work with parents and their children under three years of age led her to the Touchpoints and RIE I training programs, all compatible with the Waldorf approach. Bonnie has served on the governing body of both the Chicago Waldorf School and the Great Oaks School, and as secretary for Preschool Council of Evanston. Currently she is a mentor in the LifeWays Program. Bonnie worked with at-risk teens for the Youth-At-Risk community program, as well as with birth parents and adoptive parents. Parent education and support has always been a part of her work. Bonnie is entering her sixth year with Berkeley Rose Waldorf School.


Robert Schorlemmer – Parent
Robert Schorlemmer is the Treasurer and Director of Finance at Berkeley Rose. Robert studied physics and finance in Munich, Tokyo and Berkeley. He is also a Waldorf teacher training graduate. Robert worked as a CPA for Ernst & Young across the US. With Black & Decker, he carried out audits in Europe and the Americas. He also served as a lecturer and foreign expert in China. In his spare time, Robert runs a small nonprofit that supports a village in Colombia, South America. Robert was born in Barcelona and grew up in Rome and Hamburg. He speaks seven languages.

IMG_1471Sarah Romanow Briand – Parent
Sarah Briand has been a parent at Berkeley Rose since her oldest child started at the school in its second year. Through her work on the Site Search Committee, she has been involved in all aspects of the school’s two, soon to be three, locations since it moved from a home-based program to an independent school. She was instrumental in the development of the first BRWS Parent Council where she served for two years. She joined the Board in 2014. When not searching for new homes for the school, she works as a midwife at a community health center in the East Bay, where she enjoys working with women and teaching the next generation of midwives.

jamesJames Johnson – Parent

James Johnson is an independent 3d sound designer providing consultation and production services for film, stage, theme parks, museums, and music productions. Previously, James worked in the fields of renewable energy, conservation, and healthy building design. James currently serves on the BRS facilities committee with an eye towards health and sustainability. He is involved with various fundraising and community outreach efforts for the school. When not chasing around his partner and their Sunflower daughter, he has also been known to clean a few Berkeley Rose Waldorf School windows.

Steven Tritto – Parent
Steven is a stay at home father with a background in Performance, holding an MA and MFA in related fields. He has worked as a theatre teacher, producer, and director throughout the Bay Area, most recently working with Clown Lab SF. He has also worked in an arts program with adults with developmental disabilities. Steven and his daughter attend the parent-toddler classes at Berkeley Rose, through which he was introduced to this incredible community. Steven is currently participating in the Bay Area Waldorf Teacher Training program. In his spare time he bakes bread, rides bikes, and performs with his mobile clown punk rock band Donut Goat.

Nathan Sendan – Parent
Bio and Picture to come…