2019-20 Enrollment

The Berkeley Rose Waldorf School invites all families to explore and discover our unique, inspiring and supportive curriculum. Neither Waldorf knowledge nor experience are keys to gaining access to this rich educational environment

Rolling Enrollment for 2018-19

We are still accepting applications for 2018-19 in early childhood and grades classes where spaces are available. Please contact the admission office directly to inquire: 510-859-7679 / info@berkeleyrose.org

Open Houses & Tours

You and your family are welcome to join us for our Open House events at one or both campuses. View dates

Admissions process overview

  1. Schedule a tour and/or attend an open house event
  2. Apply to a program
  3. Attend an interview
  4. Receive notification letter
  5. Sign contract along with tuition deposit

Explore our School

If you prefer to talk with our Enrollment Coordinator, Karen Hunt in person or need assistance completing the form, contact Karen at info@berkeleyrose.org or call: 510.859.7679.

Want to get ahead? Please print out and submit the appropriate form to a teacher or director of the school or preschool your child currently attends, include a stamped envelope addressed to: Berkeley Rose Waldorf School, 2515 Hillegass Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

EBISA Kindergarten Recommendation Form

EBISA Grades Recommendation Form

Programs schedule & ages

September 2019–June 2020

Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7
After-School Program
8:30am – 12:30pm
8:30am – 1:00pm
8:15am – 2:30pm
8:15am – 2:30pm
8:15am – 3:00pm
8:15am – 3:00pm
8:15am – 3:00pm
8:15am – 3:00pm
8:15am – 3:00pm
Dismissal – 5:30pm
Age 2yr 9m by Sep 1st
Age 4 by Jun 1st
Age 6 by Jun 1st
Age 7 by Jun 1st
Age 8 by Jun 1st
Age 9 by Jun 1st
Age 10 by Jun 1st
Age 11 by Jun 1st
Age 12 by Jun 1st
Age 3 and up



Tuition Rates 2018-19 (monthly)

Three-Day Rosebud* Nursery
Three-Day Marigold** Nursery
Four-Day Marigold** Nursery
Five-Day Marigold** Nursery
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6


Tuition Rates 2019-20 (monthly)

Three-Day Rosebud* Nursery
Three-Day Marigold** Nursery
Four-Day Marigold** Nursery
Five-Day Marigold** Nursery
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7


Tuition payments are spread out equally over a 12-month period, though our school year operates from September through June.

* Rosebud Nursery is a fixed 3-day schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
**Marigold Nursery schedule choices are subject to limited availability.

Tuition & Deposit payment

Deposit of one month’s tuition
A one-time non-refundable deposit of one month’s tuition (1/12 of the annual tuition) for each student is required to secure a space in the class. This annual deposit will be applied toward the final payment for the academic year once the full tuition has been paid, but is otherwise non-refundable.

Administrative Fee
A one-time Administrative Fee of $198 will also be applicable, and due upon acceptance, along with the deposit.

Payment options
Tuition payments may be made annually, or in 12 equal installments due on the first of the month. For any payment received after the 10th of the following month, a $50 late fee is assessed. Tuition payment is processed through an online payment system. Details will be provided in your Admissions Acceptance packet.

Tuition Assistance

January 18, 2019 deadline

We offer financial aid to make our school accessible to all who value Waldorf education.

Reductions in tuition are based on an independent assessment of a family’s financial need. Each family must reapply for tuition assistance each year. Applications for tuition assistance are available online. The financial aid application deadline is January 18, 2019. Tax forms must be received by February 15, 2019. Later applications may be considered only if funds are still available.

Details about tuition assistance

Admissions deadlines for new students

2019-20 School year

January 18, 2019……Admissions Application and Financial Aid Deadline
March 15, 2019…..Decision notifications sent to new applicants
March 15, 2019…..Announcements of financial aid allocations mailed
March 22, 2019…..Signed contracts and deposits due to Berkeley Rose office

Parent Volunteering

Parent involvement is vital in all Waldorf schools. It’s a way to show our children how communities are built and helps connect families in a larger way. It’s also how we keep our tuition as low as possible. Berkeley Rose asks that parents work at least 20 hours (per family) each school year in areas where help is needed, such as facility beautification, events, toy making, and more. Contact the Outreach Coordinator at outreach@berkeleyrose.org with your availability and/or skills.

Detailed first-time admissions process

  1. Visit our school. Contact the Enrollment Coordinator to schedule a tour and/or attend an open house event as noted on our Admissions Calendar. This gives your family an opportunity to learn more about Waldorf education, the Berkeley Rose Waldorf School, to meet the faculty and to meet other parents. It will be necessary to attend either a tour or an open house in order to begin the enrollment process.
  2. Submit an Application. Upon submission of an application and payment of the $75 application fee ($125 for two or more children), parents will be contacted for an interview. Applications and Application Fees are due in the school office by – January 18, 2019. Applications received after this date will be considered if space is available.
  3. Attend an interview along with your child.
  4. Decision letters for new students will be emailed on March 15, 2019.
    (Nursery decision notifications are sent within two weeks of attending an interview)
  5. Upon acceptance by the school, a completed Tuition Contract, a non-refundable, one-time Enrollment Fee of $195, and payment of a Tuition Deposit (see below) for each student will be due. Non-refundable Deposits and Enrollment Fees for all students are due in the school office by March 22, 2019.
  6. The enrollment process is complete upon: 1) Payment of Enrollment Fee 2) Payment of Tuition Deposit 3) Submission of completed and signed Tuition Contract and 4) Confirmation of enrollment in the tuition management system.

Frequently asked questions

Can my child join even though they didn’t start in Berkeley Rose’s preschool?

Yes. We welcome children at any grade level as long as there is room in the class.

Can my child join after attending a public or private school?

Yes. All children are welcome to join us. Some new parents have expressed concerns with regard to adhering to our media policies which is why our teachers work so closely in collaboration with our parents. You are not alone! If you have any questions or reservations about how limited media usage for your children could affect your lifestyle (and sanity!), please turn to us, our teachers and especially our supportive parent community who will share with you the joys and benefits, and will offer the strategies of making it happen – painlessly.

Can my child join mid-year?

Yes, as long as there is an opening in the appropriate class. Please contact us so we can work with you.