Berkeley Rose School is inspired by Waldorf education

Developed by Rudolf Steiner. The teachings and philosophy take a complete approach to learning—“head, heart, and hands”—and address each child as an individual with innate talents and abilities.

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Founded in 2009, Berkeley Rose School established an urban East Bay presence for Waldorf education. This developing Waldorf school brings the ideals of meaningful learning, independent inquiry, confidence and well-roundedness to students at a campus in the heart of Berkeley.

Berkeley Rose School started as a 12-student kindergarten in the living room of one of the founding parents. Seven years later we’ve grown to a thriving school with parent-child classes, two preschools, two kindergartens, and a grades program offering first through fourth, growing a grade a year.

The vision for Berkeley Rose has always been to offer children a school that can be their home from preschool through 8th grade—to build a school that provides community for families for a decade or more as their children move through the grades.

We are accepting applications at both of our campuses for nursery through Grade 5. Come for a tour to see our students in action. We welcome you to be a part of our community.

Winter Tours

Tuesday, February 7th @ 8:30am

Early Childhood School Tour
Nursery, Parent/Child Campus: 2138 Cedar Street, Berkeley


Wednesday, February 8th @ 8:30am

Kindergarten/Elementary Grades Open House

Kindergarten/Grades Campus: 2515 Hillegass Ave, Berkeley

To schedule a tour please telephone Karen Hunt, 510-859-7679, or email info@berkeleyrose.org

Admissions & Enrollment

Currently accepting new applications for 2017/18 school year.

Midyear enrollment still available for limited 2016/17 classes. Please contact info@berkeleyrose.org for current information and availability.

Free to be a child, empowered to become a Nobel Laureate

Waldorf graduate receives a Nobel prize. Read all about it.